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Women Who Code + Codesmith

Codesmith is excited to offer five 50% tuition scholarships for our Software Engineering Immersive programs (5 x $10,900) for women and non-binary folks seeking educational opportunities to become future leaders in the software engineering/technology industry! Start your application here.

Women Who Code + Linux Foundation

Women Who Code has partnered with The Linux Foundation to offer 50 full scholarships each quarter to members of our community for any of their eLearning courses + registration for any of their certification exams. Apply now.

Women Who Code + TripleTen

Women Who Code is partnering with TripleTen to offer a 50% scholarship to WWCode members who qualify for their bootcamps.TripleTen offers part-time online coding bootcamps that focus on a beginner-friendly learning experience and employability. Their Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science and Quality Assurance programs build workplace-ready skills through real-life projects, professional code review, and multiple externships. Become a tech professional in under a year! Start your application here.

Women Who Code + Kodeco
Kodeco is partnering with Women Who Code to offer a 60% discount for their live iOS and Android Accelerator Bootcamps for their next cohort in April 2024. Sign up here to receive the discount and more information about the bootcamps.


Check back soon for more opportunities to speak at conferences.


April 25 - 26: AndroidMakers by droidcon 2024 @ Paris, France.  Apply for a free pass here. Deadline: April 15.

May 16 - 17: New York R Conference @ New York, USA. Apply for a free pass here. Deadline: May 1.

June 5 - 6: droidcon San Francisco @ San Francisco, USA. Apply for a free pass here. Deadline: May 15.

June 13 - 14: The Merge (Developer Experience Conference) @ Berlin, Germany.  Apply for a free pass here. Deadline: May 20.

July 3 - 5: droidcon Berlin @ Berlin, USA. Apply for a free pass here. Deadline: June 13.

Please note: Winners of ticket giveaways are usually contacted 30 days before the event date.