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Get Involved

Want to make a difference? Collaborate with us!

We host free events every day in different timezones and languages (both spoken and coding).

We encourage those of groups traditionally underrepresented in technology to apply to speak.

Check out our 80+ networks around the world and join us!

Our online communities bring our members together for community, leadership, and technical events.

Become a volunteer

Want to volunteer with our Digital Tracks?

  1. Join the Slack Community of the Track you prefer
    • Emerging Tech
    • Cloud
    • Data Science
    • Front End
    • Mobile
    • Python
  2. Find the channel #volunteer-opportunities, you will hear about upcoming activities for you to collaborate more with the Track.

Want to volunteer for a Network?

Our 80+ networks are city-based and we look for people who could help organize events, find speakers, moderate talks and many other activities.
If you are interested fill this form and we will get in touch with you.