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Partnership Prospectus

Executive woman giving a technical talk at a conference

We envision a tech industry where diverse women and historically excluded people thrive at every level.

When we retain one of the 50% of women technologists who would otherwise leave the industry mid-career, we increase her lifetime earnings by $1.7 million.

Thanks to the support of organizations like yours, we’re supporting 360,000 diverse women to overcome systemic bias, create staying power in the industry, and level up in their tech careers.

We've also given away $3.4 million in life-changing scholarships that support the demands of continuous learning in our ever-changing industry and upskill career changers to transition into tech roles.

With our growing global community, it takes over $8.6 million to continue offering these resources at no cost to our members.

Learn more about partnership opportunities and download the prospectus here.