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Days of Code Challenge

The WWCode Code Challenge Happening Now! 

Are you ready for a fun coding challenge with a supportive community? We are so excited to announce the Women Who Code Days of Code Challenge starting on Monday, January 9, 2023 — hosted by our digital track communities.


The WWCode Days of Code Challenge is an amazing opportunity to practice your coding skills daily in an interactive and supportive community environment. 

The challenge goal is to code every day for a selected number of days. You will be able to select the level of commitment that works best for you and your schedule while focusing on your chosen tech stack(s). 

All coding levels are invited.


The challenge will happen on Slack. Here’s how to participate:

  1. Join the general WWCode Slack community
  2. Join the #code-challenge Slack channel
  3. Make sure channel notifications are turned on
  4. Watch this video to learn how to join the challenge
  5. Submit the Commitment Registration Form* (link can be found in the Slack channel)
  6. Start the challenge on Monday, January 9 (or your chosen start date)! Code every day for your selected number of days.
  7. Share your progress and interact with the amazing community at least once per week in the #code-challenge-community Slack channel, and have fun!

* You will select your commitment level from a list of options, the tech stack(s) and programming languages, tools, and technologies you will focus on, and the activities you would like to do during the challenge. If you are not sure yet or want some inspiration, we will be sharing resources on Slack.

📣 Spread the word! Share this opportunity with friends and colleagues! 


Happy Coding!