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Annual Report

The Women Who Code story is one of inclusion, connection, and innovation – a story of tenacity where individuals and organizations from all over the world have come together to create real change, amplify the voices of leaders at every level, and empower diverse women to excel in tech careers. Together, we’ve been at the forefront of global change, connecting underserved technologists through educational programming, free technical and career-navigation events, barrier-breaking opportunities, and community. We are transforming the technology industry into a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable space, driving innovation for a better world.

Women Who Code released our first annual report as a special ten-year edition celebrating our accomplishments from our early days through 2021. Continuing to make this information public with the 2022 report is part of WWCode’s commitment to transparency. It shares our story with stakeholders across the organization, from members and volunteers to partner companies, sponsors, and the industry.